Hi, I’m Liz!

I capture moments, because sometimes they’re just too good to let go

o1n the infinite road of discovering what kind of artist I really want to be, I’ve always had a camera (or 3) by my side just incase I want to take pieces of my journey with me. I currently reside in Long Beach, NY, and I would love to travel to YOU and be a part of your journey!


When my professional photographic equipment is on the shelf, I’m usually taking snapshots of delicious food, cuddly animals, sunsets, my best friend’s nephew (and other adorable babies and kids), new apartment decor, new crafty endeavors, my nails, and the occasional selfie when I get to dress up


I currently shoot:
  • Engagements
  • Personal Portraits (Headshots, senior photos, a sweet new profile photo to impress your friends, etc.)
  • Family
  • Maternity
  • Events
  • Photo Journalism

t2he toughest thing about casual photography is that no one usually cares about what you’re doing until the final product is seen. All of a sudden, your super strange obligation to get a close up shot of a fork on a napkin isn’t so strange anymore. The photo of an adorable toddler laughing in an epic Halloween costume which forced you to become borderline creepy just to capture, is the most beautiful image of raw childhood emotion. That very thing is what makes professional photography so powerful. It’s about bringing out magic in average settings, being able to save beautiful moments in time, and show people a side of them that doesn’t exist in a mirror.

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